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Specialists in criminal defence.... 

In April 2008 the firm was formed by the merger of two highly successful criminal law practices, Spiro Grech Solicitors and Gooden & Co Solicitors. To form the Grech Gooden Partnership which evolved in to Grech Gooden Solicitors Ltd in November 2012. At the end of 2020 the firm became Grech Gooden Cormack Solicitors Ltd. 

The firm specialises in all areas of criminal law from; road traffic offences through to white collar crime and the most serious Crown Court cases.

We run a successful Crown Court department with the assistance of our in house higher rights advocates.

We also specialise in prison law matters from independent adjudications, to parole board hearings and re-categorisations. .

There are 3 directors in the company; Angelo Gooden, who is also the practice manager; Derrick Gooden, who leads the Crown Court department and Christian Cormack who has specialist expertise in very high cost cases.

Solicitors within the practice include  Victoria Maud  who is a Higher Rights Advocate and appears at both the Crown Court and the Magistrates Court. Victoria also deals wit prison law matters. Ellis Worsley who trained at Grech Gooden Cormack and qualified as a Solicitor in September 2024 and appears regularly at the Magistrates Court assisting our client base with often complex legal issues  


Law Firm


Solicitors and Adovcates



Director/Solicitor/Practice Manager

Angelo qualified as a Solicitor on 02/04/1998.  

Angelo is a director and the practice manager of Grech Gooden Cormack Solicitors.

Since the date of his qualification Angelo has worked solely in Practices that specialise in Criminal Defence work. 

Angelo was a founding Partner of Gooden & Company Solicitors and dealt with a whole array of criminal offences ranging from those more minors matter through to the most serious matters including murder, drug importation, conspiracy to supply Class A drugs, rape, sexual abuse and money laundering.

Angelo has regularly appeared before the Youth Court, Magistrates Court and the Crown Courts and was a founding member of Grech Gooden Cormack Solicitors. 

Overall Angelo has extensive experience in defending those persons accused of criminal conduct.

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