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Updated: Jan 21, 2021

As one Wales’s largest criminal law firms, Grech Gooden Cormack are frequently instructed to represent individuals on some of the most complex and serious cases which are normally dealt with in the Crown Court. This may involve making applications for Bail to a Crown Court Judge where it had been denied in the Magistrates Court, representation at trial or mitigation. Our extremely well qualified lawyers make the provision of a first class service when it comes to giving legal advice.

For those individuals who have never been in trouble before, what happens in a Crown Court and what type are cases are dealt there. Virtually all cases start in the Magistrates Court. This covers the less serious offences known as summary only offences which may be handled by the Magistrates Court entirely, but the more serious offences will be passed onto the Crown Court and they will be dealt with by a Judge and/or a Jury.

Cases handled by the Crown Court include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Indictable only offence. These are serious criminal offences such as Murder, Manslaughter, Rape and Robbery. 2. Or the fact that the sentencing powers by the Magistrates are deemed insufficient if the person were to be convicted of the offence. 3. Appeals from the Magistrates Court. These are appeals to the defendant a new appeal hearing takes place where a Crown Court Judge sits with two separate Magistrates, however those Magistrates would not have any involvement in the case which is being appealed. 4. Sentencing decisions transferred from the Magistrates Court. This can happen if Magistrates decide once they have heard all the details of the case it warrants a tougher sentence then they are allowed to impose. This is known as the case being committed for sentence.

Grech Gooden Cormack have a proven track record of successfully defending clients over a wide variety of criminal law issues. We will also advise clients on the most suitable form of funding whether through legal aid or privately.

Grech Gooden Cormack have experience in the following areas:

1. Serious organised crime and conspiracy 2. Murder 3. Manslaughter 4. Complex fraud 5. Money laundering 6. Offences against the person including GBH and ABH 7. Computer crime 8. Sexual offences including Rape, Child pornography and sexual assault 9. Human Trafficking 10. Burglary 11. Robbery 12. Large scale drug offences 13. Animal welfare prosecutions 14. Trading standard prosecutions 15. Regulatory environmental offences 16. Firearm offences

Grech Gooden Cormack is a member of the Very High Cost (VHCC) panel which is limited to firms with a proven track record in representing the most serious and complex cases.

Grech Gooden Cormack have a renowned and unparalleled reputation and experience in dealing with the evidence, decision making and ensuring that each case is thoroughly prepared in forensic detail.

Our team of experienced Barristers and Solicitor Higher Court Advocates provide expert representation working in at the Crown Court as well as working in conjunction with the UK’s premier Criminal Barristers Chambers throughout England and Wales.

For more information please contact our Crown Court Team at our Cardiff Bay office on 02920 450600

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